MALAKAI – CEO of Malakai Creative

Shanice Malakai is the award winning creator and CEO of Malakai creative. A creative producer for films, commercials, promotional productions and creative branding. Malakai is a visual storyteller. In addition, Malakai has been honored on a local and national scale. In 2013 her short film Black Girls Code screened at the Cannes Film Festival ( SFC) and alongside private screenings with some of the major tech companies ( Google, Facebook, Twitter).  In 2014 she was awarded and honored as an “Extraordinary Woman of Color”, live on Sonoran Living TV ( ABC 15).   In 2015 she was tapped as the “filmmakers voice” to speak on a panel for SXSW Interactive on Instant Gratification, Media and technology. In January 2016, Malakai was awarded the Horizon Award. Her work as a director on the short film & music video ‘END TO THE SUFFERING’ premiered at Sundance via the Horizon Award. The Horizon Award empowers women in film. Malakai’s goal is to create, to inspire and to develop revolutionary media.




MONICA ROBINSON – CFO, Producer & Assistant Director of Malakai Creative

Monica Robinson is a producer and assistant director. Monica studied film at the Scottsdale Community College Film School in 2009. Since then Monica has worked on a variety of productions from music videos to commercials and short films. From 2010 – 2011 Monica worked as assistant director on the award-winning projects Nocturnal Emission and Hand of the Earth. She has continued her AD experience working on commercials for The Conservatory of Recording Arts in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California and the non-profit organization Color of Change as well as the feature film The Watchman’s Canoe in 2016.



JAIRO CARREON- Producer of Operations and Development

Jairo Carreón is from Sonora, Mexico. With a broad experience in broadcasting in both television and radio he seeks to integrate his experience and inventive mind to create dialogue, awareness, and change in the form of expressive visuals. Jairo had his start working as a promotion technician for Entravision radio in Phoenix, Az in 2012. After that he left the corporate setting on a mission to create visuals that showed the world in a manner that was more pertinent to the reality that he experienced and lives everyday.


Whether it's a film, television production, or promotional campaign - let's create something together.